GreenFire Gardens, a small farm in SouthWest Michigan, is the home base for Loonling Learning. We maintain a high tunnel greenhouse, two large vegetable gardens, a maple syrup operation and sugarbush, a nearby apple orchard, a cider press, food processing and preserving equipment and supporting farm equipment.

The operation is educational in nature and strives to follow the seasonal flow of local food production. Crops are grown in a low input, sustainable manner with organic principles. We begin each year by tapping trees for maple syrup and prune fruit trees and bramble crops. From there we move into vegetable seedling germination. Most crops are in the soil by May and In June we pick strawberries. Vegetables and berry crops are harvested throughout the summer so that a steady flow of fresh produce can be distributed to our partner families.  In the fall, main crops come in and apple operations commence. Students, families and friends work in unison to make apple sauce, apple cider, apple syrup, dried fruit and vegetable products, grape juice, sauerkraut, pickles, fruit leather and more. Community groups utilize our equipment in a worker bee environment!

We do sell some products directly from the farm – apples, maple syrup, cider syrup, etc. We trade for the rest!  Most product goes to our shareholders.